Hidden Health Risks of Dirty Carpets


This infographic was made by the team at Curtice Chem-Dry in Torrance, CA. Be sure to get regular carpet cleanings or your carpets might end up making you or your family sick!


Infographic Text:

Carpets that aren’t cleaned on a regular basis can harbor all kinds of unwanted bacteria, pests, and mold. If left unchecked, these issues can lead to health problems for you, your family, and even your pets. Regular carpet cleaning from Curtice Chem-Dry can protect you against:

Skin Irritation: Dirty carpets can be home to all kinds of irritants and allergens that can cause rashes, swelling, and itching. Sometimes it can even house fungus like Athlete’s Foot.

Carpet Mold: Mold is one of the most prominent issues that stems from dirty carpets. Mold spores can make you and your family sick and if left unchecked cause serious damage to your carpets and home.

Respiratory Issues: Dirty carpets can reduce the indoor air quality of your home causing cold and flu like symptoms and adverse allergic reactions. In serious cases the irritants of your carpet can cause health problems like asthma.

Dust Mites: Dust mites are one of the most common triggers for year-round allergies in the US. Regular carpet cleaning can reduce the amount of dust mites that live in your carpet, allowing you to breathe easier in your home.

Increased Allergens: Many people suffer from seasonal and year-round allergies. Pollen and other allergens get tracked into your home and settle in your carpets. Keep the allergens in your home at bay with regular carpet cleaning.