How to Improve the Value of Your Home

It’s time to start preparing your house to go on the market, but when you start looking at it with a critical eye, all you see is everything that needs to be changed or updated to get your home in selling condition. Preparing your home to sell can be a lot, but don’t panic. There are a few relatively simple things you can do to dramatically improve the value of your home and attract the best buyers.

  1. Paint Everything

This is as simple as it gets, but it’s absolutely crucial. Whether you use a painting service or do it yourself, painting both the interior and exterior of your home can completely transform the entire space. A fresh coat of paint makes any home look new, elegant, and well cared for. Even if your personal taste leans more towards bright, bold colors, you’re going to want to stick to a neutral color palette. Neutral colors like white, cream, and tan will appeal to a wide range of people, and it will allow them to project their own ideas onto the home. You can add pops of color here and there by painting your front door a bright hue or adding dimension by painting your windows black. These little touches will add some personality without overwhelming buyers with your personal style.

  1. Don’t Forget About Landscaping

Landscaping has a major effect on the curb appeal of your home. Investing just a little time and energy into making your landscaping look nice can elevate your entire home. If you’re into gardening, plant some flowers or even a small vegetable garden to make your home look bright and warm. Or, if you don’t see yourself digging in the dirt, buy some large potted plants to decorate your porch or line your walkway. Keep your lawn mowed and any trees or bushes trimmed back while your home is on the market. You could even install some outdoor lighting to enhance your home’s façade and show off your landscaping efforts.

  1. Add a Custom DeckArchadeck Custom Deck

Home buyers love a picturesque outdoor space. They’ll imagine themselves relaxing with a glass of wine during the summertime and enjoying the fall foliage without leaving home. Archadeck is a custom deck builder that can design and build a deck that fits in perfectly with your home and meets all your specific needs. They can give you something classic and understated or something innovative and different. Archadeck’s custom deck builder will set your home apart and make potential buyers remember it when they’re making their final decision.

  1. Declutter Your Home

This is a project that won’t cost you much money but will make an enormous difference in how buyers see your home. Decluttering your home makes the space feel bigger, airier, and more attractive. Remember that buyers will want to look at your storage spaces – like your garage, basement, or attic – so avoid simply stuffing all your clutter there. Instead, rent a storage locker for the duration of your home’s time on the market, so everything is out of sight, and your home looks clean and fresh.

  1. Think about Lighting

It’s extremely common for home buyers to list good lighting as one of the most important factors when buying a new home. When buyers are coming to look at your home, let in all the natural light you can by opening your curtains and window shades, and keep all the lights in your home turned on. Consider updating your light fixtures so that they look modern and stylish instead of dated. Research lighting trends and decide what would look best in your home. These little details can make all the difference to potential buyers.