Keeping Your Home’s Exterior Beautiful

Many of my friends and family are unaware of the many different aspects of your home’s appearance that can affect its outward looks. For instance, after recently powerwashing the exterior of my home, I received a ton of compliments regarding how fresh and “vibrant” the outside appeared. It’s sometimes crazy how a seemingly small home task can cause a huge benefit.

There are many different ways to ensure that you keep the outside appearance of your home looking gorgeous, so I’ve compiled what I believe are the three best simple ways at maintaining a pleasing exterior: choosing the right building products when constructing or renovating your home, performing an annual powerwash (with a rented powerwasher from your local home improvement store), and picking the right home color for your siding.

Choosing the Right Products

This is one of the biggest things that can affect not only your home’s appearance, but the foundation and structural integrity of the building itself. When planning & designing a new home, or renovating and remodeling an older house, it’s vital that you consider all of the different materials available to you for the exterior. Whether you are choosing a roofing product, a gutter design, or picking a siding material, the material itself is extremely important.

Roofing Products

When choosing a roofing product, you generally have a few options: asphalt roofing, tile roofing, slate roofing, or wood roofing. Each of these choices comes with their own benefits and negatives, so I’ve spoken with roofing professional Tim McLoughlin and his team over at KTM Roofing, based out of Atlanta, GA, to help me list and describe the various products available for roofing, and the pros and cons of each.

  • Asphalt roofing – One of the most popular choices for roofing products, if only for their ease of use. Asphalt roofs are easy to maintain, less expensive than other roofing materials, and, for the most part, looks very well on most home designs & styles. Asphalt shingles are generally long-lasting, but can be subject to types of damage if the shingles are installed in a too hot or too cold climate. It’s vital that roofers begin installing the asphalt shingles during the early morning or evening hours, when the weather isn’t too extreme yet. One of the big benefits of asphalt shingles is that they are recyclable!
  • Slate roofing – Another popular pick for roofing materials, synthetic slate and natural slate roofing can provide that unique appearance for your home that you’re looking for. Some downsides include: a larger cost at the initial purchase, and a tendency to be heavier than other shingles, sometimes requiring additional support for your home’s roof.
  • Tile roofing – My most popular choice for shingles, tiles can provide an absolutely marvelous look for your home, especially if your home has a lighter color tone on the outside. Tile roofs are very resistant to environment damage such as hurricanes and fires, and they require very little maintenance. The only downside is that it can sometimes take a little longer than normal to order all of the tiles, since they are generally made specially for each order.

So, are you ready to begin your quest to making your home’s appearance a little more vibrant and attractive? Check out this easy tutorial on powerwashing your home, and get going!