Windows Worthy of My Remodeled Kitchen

I’ve lived in my Greensboro home for almost fifteen years, and I’ve never loved my kitchen. But that’s changed over the last few months, as our kitchen has finally been updated to reflect our lifestyle. Almost everything from appliances to lighting to flooring to cabinetry has been renovated or replaced. That is, with one exception: The windows in our kitchen.

While replacing the windows wasn’t part of our original plan, the windows had become the clear weak link in our décor; it was time to replace them, too. Admittedly the windows were old and a bit drafty, but I was expecting to handle the replacement sometime further down the road. But after the renovations, the age of the windows was much more obvious. And once I started learning about the benefits of updating my windows, I soon decided that replacement would happen sooner rather than later.

One thing I learned was that I would not have to replace the entire window frame. My kitchen’s window frames were in good-enough condition to stay where they were. This made for an easier process, with reduced installation costs.

I learned that I didn’t have the best window type for my kitchen layout, and that other options would be much more convenient to use. I had double-hung windows and, to be honest, always took the difficulty in opening and closing them for granted – I’d always have to lean over the kitchen island or the sink to get the job done.

I replaced these with new casement windows that open and close with a much-easier-to-reach crank. Because of the way the windows open, they also provide a wider opening for fresh air to come through. Here’s a link to the selection of replacement window types I reviewed prior to choosing my casements. As it turns out, different windows are much better suited to different roles than others.

I also learned that I didn’t have to take an overly warm kitchen for granted. My windows face south, and sunlight pours in all year long. While the brightness is usually welcome, it also means that the kitchen can get really warm in the summer. My new windows feature a coating that serves to reflect away a good deal of heat. Here in NC, relief from the heat matters more to me than protection from cold. But don’t worry: If you live in cooler climes, there are windows designed for you, too.

Now my new-look kitchen features windows that look and perform better than what I had. I enjoy opening and closing them now, and I’m hoping that I save a little money on air conditioning this summer.